1 Idaho Club Chimney Pointe2 Idaho Club Lodge3 clipped gables dormers4 Idaho Club Mountain Home5 Modern Shed Roof Lake House6 Eureka Lodge Lake Pend Oreille6 public restroom rendering7 Prairie Brick Golf Course Home8 Craftsman Golf Course lodge9 Brick Timber Arch Window Gable10 Cottage Lake Elevation11 Old World Cottage12 Traditional Cottage Pend Oreille13 site program14 West Elevation Modern Lake House15 plan kit of parts


1 Yakima model2 topo model3 Yakima pool4 landscape schematics6 infinity edge pool study7 from N - the wing8 from NW9 SE - entrybottle bay addition 3bottle bay addition 2bottle bay addition 4Depot 1depot 4depot 3depot 5granite ridge 1granite ridge 3granite ridge 2granite ridge 4granite ridge 5Park Lane 3Park Lane 1vault 1vault 2vault 3vault 4